Summer Cleaning Tips To Freshen Up Your Home

Jun 15, 2021Cleanners, Home Cleaning

Spring has been the air and now it’s time for summer to come rushing through. Some states are already feeling that summer heat as their windows continue to stay open and going out has become more acceptable. 

As the fresh air is being let inside you begin to notice that your spring cleaning is showing as well as it did in March. It looks like it might be time to start prepping the home for the summer season as air conditioning and fans are being turned on, kids are outside more and spending more time on the back patio. 

1. Clean Air

In your home, you’d like to keep the air as fresh as possible. If you have air conditioning, make sure the filter is not clogged up and dust and dirt before turning it on. You can clean it with warm soapy water or a vacuum cleaner. 

If an overhead fan in your home’s main source for cool air, dust the fan blades before turning them on. If you don’t, dust particles will spread out into the air. Also, change the direction of your fan to counterclockwise. This helps push the cold air down instead of up, keeping you cool down below.

2. Windows

Those windows have seen better days. As spring has brought on the rain, it has also brought up dirt and dust from everywhere else, landing on your windows. Take some glass cleaner and wipe that grime away with a paper towel. 

Don’t forget your window screens. Over the summer, they begin to build up bacteria due to humidity and develop mold. If you’re able, pop your screens out and scrub them with a microfiber cloth and warm, soap water. Let them dry in the sun then pop them right back in.

3. Fridge and Freezer

As the summer months get hot, bacteria grow faster. Bacteria can grow anywhere, even in the fridge and freezer. 

Every so often, about once a month, clean out your fridge and freezer. Take out anything expired, moldy, or freezer burned. Take the time to wipe down your fridge with a disinfectant spray that is not harmful if food touches it. Wipe down the fridge with a cloth soaked in warm, soapy water. 

Once every nook and cranny is cleaned, organize your items as you put them back in their rightful place. For fruit and veggies, it’s smart to invest in a produce clean solution to help stop the spread of salmonella.

4. Kitchen Smells

Along with bacteria, the heat brings out the worse with smells. We don’t think about this enough, but the kitchen cabinets need a bit of cleaning, too. Mix ¼ cup of wood cleaner with a gallon of warm water. Dip in your cloth, squeeze the excess water out and wipe down the front and sides of your cabinets. 

To keep the stink at bay from the trash can, douce a few drops of essential oils on the inside of the can. This helps reduce the number of unpleasant smells. And don’t forget to mop or hand wash your kitchen floors. Especially underneath the bottom cabinets and corners.

5. Welcome to the Patio

The patio is where everyone seems to hang out during those hot summer days. Spruce up the area by sweeping, polishing, or painting the wood. With concrete patios, pressure washers are your best friend. 

Perk up the area with some new furniture. If your budget doesn’t allow that, the purchase was new or used cushions, but always washing them first then air dry. You can always wash your current patio furniture by gently scrubbing them with warm water and dish soap.